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Our objective at the Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club is to promote organized shooting sports among legal United States residents who reside in Beaver County and surrounding areas. We achieve this by providing range facilities for the safe use of rifles, shotguns and handguns for organized leagues and events, and also for those not involved in organized shooting activities.

Additionally, we provide training programs for new shooters and support local law enforcement by making our facilities available to them for training and qualification testing.

   When you come to shoot...

  • Our facilities include a lighted Trap Range with two trap houses. The trap houses are used only during Trap League events, which include hosted league shoots and scheduled practice sessions. When not scheduled for organized shoots, the range is available to members with portable traps.

  • The Combat Pistol League uses the 50-yard Combat Range. This league competes in police qualification type shooting at silhouette targets. The range is available for use by members when events are not scheduled. All targets must be positioned so that shots impact the back-stop.

  • Bay 1 is a 50 yard range with stanchions for Combat target frames at 25 and 50 yard distances. All firearms are permitted. All shooters must use the same firing line, and targets must be positioned so that shots impact the back-stop.

  • Bay 2 is a lighted, 50-yard range. Handguns and pistol caliber carbines are allowed on this range. No centerfire rifle ammunition is allowed.  The steel targets cannot be shot at any closer than 15 yards.  All targets must be positioned so that shots impact the back-stop.

  • The Rifle Range is a 200-yard range with some facilities for shooting up to 385-yards. All types of legal firearms are permitted on this range, and it is available to members any time matches or other club events are not scheduled. This range is open to the general public on specific dates in November for the sighting in of deer rifles,(days and times will be posted on the calendar near the beginning of the month),but some shooting positions are reserved for Club members at that time.

  • The Indoor Range is a heated, 10 position 50-ft range for pistol and smallbore rifle shooters. It is heavily scheduled for competition and training, especially in the winter, but is available to members when not scheduled.


  • The Training Range is used for classes and rented to outside agencies for training.  When not scheduled for a training class, this range is available for use.  All firearms are permitted.

  • The firing lines at the Combat, Pistol Bays 1 & 2, the Training Range and Rifle Range have a concrete floor and are covered for shade and shelter during inclimate weather.

Hours of Operation:
​Indoor Range: 24/7

Outdoor Ranges: 6AM-11PM


505 Constitution Blvd

Beaver Falls, PA 15010

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