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     Upcoming Orientations:

  • To be determined


Next Orientation: Tuesday, July 16th, 2024- 7 PM

***Orientations are only for New Members who have been notified that their applications have been approved and processed.
***Each individual must attend an orientation session in order to become an active member and receive their membership/access card for the club.


Held in the clubhouse at the designated time. 

Please bring eye and hearing protection, and arrive 20 minutes early for check-in.

Regarding Membership...

• If you have a membership question. first go to the Membership page of our web site. There are many answers posted there.

• If you can’t find your answer on the website then email your question to The use of email allows us to work through questions as time allows. Please include your contact information including, your name, phone number, email address and your current membership/access card number. Please be specific and detailed concerning your question.

Nothing slows the process down more than us either being uncertain as to the question being raised or not having a way to contact the individual raising the question. 

• PLEASE write legibly when filling out your Membership application. If we can’t read it, we will return it. You are only filling out one application. We are processing hundreds.


  • Make sure your checks are signed and dated properly.

• Your cancelled check is your proof of payment.


Thank you,

Tom Herd

Membership Secretary, BVRPC

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